Friday, July 7, 2006

Easy scrappy patterns

While eating my lunch today I perused Marcia Hohn's Quilters Cache for more patterns to use up all my scraps. I was looking for simple ones using squares and half square triangles, and maybe some bricks, so I can use pieces that are already cut. I know many of you like the patterns in Bonnie's Quiltville -well, Quilters Cache is another rich resource for great free patterns. If you've not ever visited her site you'll find yourself spending lots of time looking through everything she's got. To go directly to the patterns use this link - Quilt Blocks Galore. To see all the patterns - in case you aren't sure what you are looking for - scroll down a way and click on "page 50". From there use the "next" button to work through the 50 pages of patterns.

Here are links to some of the ones I'm considering using for my scraps:

Four Patch Ladder
Buckeye Beauty
Four on the Road
Depression Block - I think I'll start with this one
Gay Two Patch
Glory in Scraps - This one works for red and tan scraps, as long as one has blue fabric with white or tan stars on it. I want to make this one for July for next year.

But first I have to finish the Broken Dishes top!


quiltpixie said...

I can see why you'd think about starting depression block... its very pretty

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for the reminder... My vote would be "Four on the Road" (if you were asking) It looks "different"

but the "Glory in Scraps" Has me completely intrigued. Like how would that look if I used cats for the big triangle & any dark and light scraps for the rest?

Mary said...

I like both the depression and the buckeye beauty blocks. I don't go to this site very often since I don't usually chose which quilts to do based on a specific block.

One of my favorite books is Spectacular Scraps. All the quilts in that book are based on half square triangles that are arranged in different formations. I made one quilt using a layout that is the same as the depression block and it turned out great.

Linda_J said...

My mom has done one of the "4 on the Road" quilts--I think it was her pass around project with her small quilt group. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of it to share. She also finished making Hohn's Frugal Patch--that one I KNOW I can post as she just emailed me that one.

Lots of good ideas--I like the depression block as well

ForestJane said...

The depression block catches my eye too - wonder how it'd look with men's shirting plaids as the darker bit?

Vicky said...

Buckeye Beauty, Depression Block and Gay Two Patch are blocks that were used by my online group for a block lotto, and they were all just gorgeous. In fact, a lot of ladies are now making the Buckeye Beauties. It's interesting to see how different they all look using the same block and scraps.

I love Marcia's site - especially the hokey music that makes me smile every single time!

Can't wait to see your versions of these quilts!

Fiona said...

Your bags of scraps look so exciting - if I had them in front of me in real life I wouldn't be able to help myself from rummaging through them. The Broken Dishes is so lovely I can't wait to see what other scrappy quilts you create. It'll be fun to see if your Depression Block quilt comes out looking different to mine (not difficult, given my dodgy darks).

Finn said...

I'm so thrilled that the scrap bug has bitten you. No doubt you will go back to your other quilts soon, but for now, have fun with this!!
Great job on scoping out some new scrap quilt blocks...that 4 patch ladder looks alot like a Jacob's Ladder or maybe a variation on it.
I hope in the end, you will keep at least one of your very scrappy quilts. They are so much a time capsule or photo album of our fabrics across time..*VBS*

Shelina said...

I really like quilterscache too. Once you find it, you never really have to look at another pattern again, do you. I could spend a lifetime making quilts using those patterns. But of course, I am going to keep looking for more and more eye candy.

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

I really like the Depression Block. The complexity of the dark vs. light scraps will be beautiful to look at. I was also attracted to the pattern in the ladder. Those cascading blocks always grab my eye.

Hanne said...

I must admit I love scraps very much, and I wish we could have a scrap party. I could bring some and we could share, making blocks together. I like the depression block the best :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

finn has a great triangle scrap quilt in her November 2005 archives - toward the beginning of November - looks alot like that Depression block you are considering so you might want to take a look - finn's version is on my Top 25 to make!