Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good things

I'm taking a short break here at work so I thought I'd write a quick post. My friend Sue was very happy with how the wedding quilt turned out. This morning she is adding embroidered names of the bride and groom to the center heart - the one with the rings - and binding the quilt. Many of her family members are coming to town from Minnesota and North Dakota on Friday, including the niece and her husband who are the lucky recipients of the quilt.

Last night at quilt group we celebrated the retirement of our friend Kathi. She's been a surgical nurse at a local hospital for over 30 years. Very little surgery was done there in the last few years as most of it was moved to the other hospital in town, so their group focused on eye surgery. She wasn't quite ready to retire, but all the docs are closing that surgery and opening their own eye clinic. They will use techs instead of surgical nurses, so there was nothing for Kathi. Anyway, we had a surprise celebration at Sue's. We sat on her deck surrounded by her wonderful plantings and with a superb view of Vancouver Lake, sipping the best margaritas I've ever tasted. (A very different recipe - I have the link at home and can post it later if anyone is interested.) Then we had taco salads - made with the freshest ingredients and some great homemade salsa and guacamole. They were so good we all had seconds. We finished it off with homemade poundcake and Sue's homemade fresh peach ice cream. What a treat! We were all absolutely stuffed. I have certainly learned to eat well in the years these ladies have been my best friends!

I'm also happy to report that I found the missing row of the Broken Dishes quilt! I was glad to learn that my math wasn't faulty after all. And for one time Murphy's Law wasn't working - I found it before I'd made a replacement! Somehow it had fallen onto the floor behind my machine. I know I looked on the floor several times, but it was jammed back against the wall. The only reason I found it is because I decided to move the little rolling cart storing my machine supplies from the left of the machine to the right of the machine. I pulled out the cart, moved the machine and table to the left, and there was the row of quilt blocks. I am so happy to have found that!

Still working on pricing things for the yard sale on Saturday. The weather report says it's going to be 105 degrees - which will certainly set a record for us. That type of heat is very rare here. Thank goodness the sale tables are on the west side of the little house where the quilt shop "lives", and that it starts at 8:00 a.m. I told my DH that I was leaving as soon as the sun got around to the west side and started hitting us. I don't care how much I have left to sell - there is no shade in the back and the afternoon will be miserable out there. I figure the serious shoppers will be there in the morning anyway to get the best selection - at least I hope so. It's going to be really miserable outside.


Andrea said...

The other day I was in a panic because I was doing a pattern and was missing a row of fabric but had an entire row of fabric that didn't fit into that row!

Turns out I had mis-labelled the one row!

Linda_J said...

Stop!! You are making me hungry, LOL. What could be better--good food and good friends enjoying each other's company.

My mom has been watching the Weather Channel closely as she hopes to head back to IL from SW MO. She said the PNW is going to be baking. Just hope that no one suffers from heat exhaustion or heat stroke with this drastic a weather change with the quilt shop yard sale.

MARCIE said...

So glad you found that missing row! I misplace things all the time. Usually it could jump up and bite me. Sometimes I just yell, "Bite me"! :XXX

quiltpixie said...

glad the row was found before making a another!

Shelina said...

I'm glad you found your row too, on time. Hope your sale goes well. You might consider having fans out there, and selling cold drinks along with quilty stuff, just to have people comfortable long enough to buy something.

ForestJane said...

The wedding quilt is lovely - and congrats on finding the lost blocks! I'd have been blaming it on my cats. :)

The retirement party sounds like it went great! Your mention of fresh peach ice cream made my mouth water... lol

Nadine said...

Margaritas, hum ! I'd be delighted to get the link to the recipe !
Oh, I'm just hungry now, reading all the good things you had at your friend's. Tacos ! Home-made peach ice cream ! Ah ! I'm fainting !
I forgot to tell you how wonderful your wedding quilt is, Patti !
Thanks for sharing (and thanks for your comment on my blog).

Laurie Ann said...

That food sounds so good, I am hungry! We have about the same weekend forecast and I am not looking forward to it. If it stayed in the 80's all summer I'd be happy.

Finn said...

So happy you found your missing part!! That is one of the things that drives me bonkers...if I'm sure i have it "all" and then come up short!!!

The feast for Kathi sounds very, very nice. I'm sure it will be a big adjustment for her, but hopefully she'll make it and see that retirement is a good thing! Good luck with the sale, hope it alllll goes!! Hugs, Finn

EileenKNY said...

Sharing with friends is a great way for Kathi to enter the ranks of retirement. Peach ice cream-YUM!
Happy to hear you didn't have to make another row. I lose stuff all the time. Unfortunately, I don't find it till months later. lol

Lynn Dykstra said...

I have just found blocks from my previous two quilts--I knew I hadn't counted wrong! Now, these that were replaced can go into service quilts.