Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's that you say? Knitting? What's that?

Back in February when I got back into blogging action I said I would need to find a way to spread my time over three hobbies.  Here is the post I wrote.

Obviously this has been a dismal failure.  The lure of quilting sucked me in no quickly that I wanted nothing to do with other hobbies.  People who have been following me for some time probably forgot completely that I was going to try to hand spin and knit in addition to quilting.

Last week I attended the Vancouver Handspinners meeting, and my fingers actually remembered what to do!  I spun all afternoon before the meeting so I wouldn't look like an idiot in front of the others.  That is the first time I've touched a spinning project since mid-April!

The retreat I'm attending tomorrow through Sunday is the Fort Vancouver Knitting Guild retreat.  I'm on the retreat committee so I figured I'd better spend at least part of the weekend knitting.  Today I got out my bin of partially finished projects - 11 of them!  I chose two different pairs of socks to work on.  I hope to come home with at least one completed sock.  I picked the two I thought took the least amount of thought - knitting and visiting is a recipe for disaster when knitting a complex pattern.  Here are the two I'm taking:

"Tidelines" by Anne Hanson

"Coquettish Clown" by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Now that wool sock weather is back I feel the need to have some new socks.  It's a good thing that 10 of my 11 unfinished knitting projects are socks!


Wendy said...

Your socks are lovely. Must be the cooler temps that have us pulling out those unfinished knitting projects. I just pulled out a pair of unfinished socks this week....turning the heel on the second one means I just may have cozy toes by snowfall.

Joanne said...

Ya know when you quit quilting a couple of years ago and caught the knitting bug -- I was baffled. How could any dyed in the wool :-) quilter just stop and move to another hobby. Now -- a day late and a dollar short as always, I've finally caught the knitting bug and my quilting is taking backseat! When you figure out how to keep up with both...let me know!