Thursday, October 31, 2013

October goals

At the beginning of the month I talked about the stretch goals I'd written.  One or two of you thought they might be a little too challenging.  You were right!  I finished five of the 10, though technically two are just "almost finished".  They'll be done by the end of retreat so I'm going to count them.  My goals, my rules LOL!

I will carry the rest into November.  Early next week I'll decide whether or not to add more.  Right now I'm thinking "No."


Julierose said...

Patti--I admire you for sticking to your goals! My UFO's just make me feel overwhelmed lately! BUT....guess what I'm doing -- Jan Patek's "Cabin in the Woods" all together except for the bird and tree--they are hard to applique...tried "prepared applique" for those...we'll see--I think my tree looks like last year's Winter storm just blew through!! Hah~!! Hugs, Julierose

Kelly said...

My goals, my rules - love this! I agree totally! Goals are like budgets...a guideline or suggestions for how things might go, but not absolute and uncompromising. Life happens and I want to enjoy it as it does!

MarshaB said...

Where are you? I miss your blogging! Hope all is well with you.