Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sue Spargo class

I loved every minute of Sue Spargo's class in Sisters. I took a class years ago from Sue when she first started teaching. She has certainly learned a bunch of new tricks of the teaching trade! This is a new class for her - "Embellishment" - that she premiered in Australia and/or New Zealand last spring (I think that's when it was.) I learned so much, and of course had lots of fun shopping in her "classroom store".

We were sent a basic kit and pattern for a wool appliqué piece that was to be finished before class. All of them were alike. We were to bring threads, yarns, beads, buttons, appliqué fabric - anything we wanted to use to embellish our "artwork". As you can see the colors are very bright, and I just don't have those colors in my stash. So I bought a few fat quarters and little remnant "knots" of brights. I forgot my baby rickrack at home so bought a bit more. I borrowed a friend's collection of beads (which I never got around to use!) and figured I was set. The piece didn't excite me at all so far, but I was reserving final judgement until after the class.

I had no idea what this might evolve into until I saw Sue's piece "in progress". She had done much to it, but it still didn't tell her it was done. (Sometimes the piece must be declared done because her quilter has forbidden her to have more than 8 layers, including the backing, batting, and background.) Here you see hers - you can hardly tell it began with the same kit!

I didn't make much progress on mine, but I'm happy with what I've done so far. I tried braiding yarn and then couching it down for additional stems. Leaves have been pinned on, though I think I need more. A couple flowers have pieces ready to appliqué onto them. In a class like this I find it helpful to circulate around the class regularly to see what others are doing, which of course takes away from working time. It's easy to see who worked and who spent time visiting and chatting when you look at each project at the end of the class.
One of the things I really enjoyed was Sue telling us about her journals. She keeps a journal for every quilt, and each has a little bit of everything. She sketches ideas for things to put on the quilt. She adds clippings from magazines and newspapers. Poetry, photos, fabric swatches and more are included. Some journals are very different from others. She never knows what the final quilt will look like until she has it finished - she designs as she goes - and the journals help her do that. We were sent a journal to bring for our own quilt along with the pattern and fabric - wouldn't you know that I accidentally left mine at home!

Of course I had to have my picture taken with Sue, and bought a couple of her newer books for her to sign, as I'd forgotten to bring her books that I had here at home.
Here are some pictures of the class, including my friend Alana from North Star quilters, as well as pictures of other student work.


Barb said...

I love it!!!

Susan said...

Patti, did I read that you are going on an Alaskan cruise? We went on one in May and it was fantastic. Are you stopping at Skagway- great quilt shop.

Well done with WW, I too am a gold member.

All the best,

Susan (UK)

Sweet P said...

What a fun class. I like your flowers. Great job on them.

Crispy said...

I love the effect of all the gee gaws but how the heck do you quilt it? LOL


Juliann said...

I have seen a number of pictures on different blogs from these classes that Sue is teaching. Looks like great fun and a good way to stretch our thinking about applique and quilting.

Elaine Adair said...

Lucky you! And your project is just dandy, but it needs more borders, etc. Add, add, add MORE, MORE, MORE! 8-)))

Lori said...

Patty, I met you in the park with Bonnie on quilt show day. I love your post about the class with Sue. You got a lot of little details that you don't get with her books. Thanks for the inside look. Have you made any progress on your block? You are off to a great start!

Michell said...

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