Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogs requested!

If you read one or more blogs that include knitting socks can you please send me those links also?

Thanks so much, everyone!


Darlene said...

Hey Patty if you list knitting in your profile you'll be able to click on it and be taken to knitting blogs. good luck

SandyQuilts said...

You can always search for blogs that contain the info desired. Go to
to search.

You can also create a google alert to be notified when knitting is the topic.

Stitch-n-quilt said...

If you go into ravelry and under patterns type in socks. You will go to many pairs of socks made. Pick one out and click on it . Then there is a heading blog posts. You will find many blog post. Just pick the blogger you enjoy.

LizA. said...

You do know about The Yarn Harlot, don't you?

And, next weekend is Sock Summit in Portland, your neck of the woods.

Monique said...

I have a blog devoted entirely to sock knitting.

Deborah W said...

This lady definitely knits socks, and she does it on a sailboat that she and her husband are on, traveling around the world! If you have questions about knitting socks??? Terri is the one to ask. She's awesome. I hope you enjoy her blog.


Quiltsmiles said...

Check out a very busy lady with quilts and knitted items. I visit her sight often.