Friday, May 2, 2008

Sorry for any confusion

Those of you who follow my blog through Bloglines or another such service will probably get a report today that I've dozens of new posts. So sorry about that! I've finally gotten around to put labels on all the posts on this blog.

I've added a list of subject labels to my sidebar also - mostly for my own use when I'm trying to find an old post to link to a new one. It will also allow a reader to find past posts on the same subject as a current post - just in case anyone should be interested.

So - in spite of what Bloglines and other services say, I've written only three new posts today.


dot said...

I was thinking you were going to let us know you found the quilt.

Andrea said...

Wow - what a lot of crafty goodies you had. Once I started quilting I was the same - everything else got abandoned. I have loads of knitting in various stages of completion. Surely you must come across the missing quilt soon - lol !

Teresa said...

I think we all need a closet under the stairs! I got rid of all my non-quilt craft items several years ago which was quite a haul for a friend of mine, she took it all. And then she started quilting and now it is cluttering up her area. LOL..hope it doesn't take her ten years like it did me to decide to get rid of it.

Your blocks are pretty, I just love applique. I want to look that quilt up and see what you are working on.

Hope you find your quilt!

andsewitis Holly said...

You are the most organized person I know, Patti!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that somehow I came across your blog on 'crumb chaos blocks' and was happy to be able to pass the directions on to others, as it is hard to explain without the visual tutorial. I had learned this technique several years ago but called mile-a-minute. Love it. Besides being a scrap buster it is also a stress buster. I make my blocks larger tho, 10 1/2" or 12 /2" unfinished.

thanx again, sue