Saturday, November 3, 2007

One more missing list

I just realized than my sidebar is still missing something - my list of HSY's (pronounced Hussies - or Haven't Started Yets). I have a spreadsheet that lists them all so it shouldn't be all that hard to add. On the other hand maybe I should wait a while to add those. Just seeing the lists of unfinished tops and flimsies waiting to be quilted and bound is scary enough!

In the meantime I've gotten all caught up with my email and the pictures posted to my various Yahoo Group lists. Tomorrow I'll start catching up on everyone's blogs.

Dont' forget to set your clock back an hour tonight. I'm so sleepy I'm going to head to bed soon even though it's lots earlier than normal. I can use that extra sleep tonight!

1 comment:

cher said...

good luck on catching up with your blog reading! how nice that Kristie was able to be such a huge help in your dilemma-as I work on more string blocks, I think of you!