Sunday, November 4, 2007

How quickly one forgets!

Thanks to a reader's question I realized the links to my photo tutorials were also gone. I completely forgot that I'd added those to my sidebar! I think they are all back now. If someone notices one that is missing please let me know so I can correct that.

I'm having a really rough time not sewing - my fingers are just itching to stitch!


dot said...

Oh I know how that feels. Just like a little kid, You are told you can't have something and that is exactly what you want so badly. Just let your shoulder heal so you can sew sew sew.

Marcie said...

Maybe now that Halloween is over maybe this hex will be lifted and your blog will be in good shape and your shoulder will get better! Here's hoping!

Sweet P said...

Perhaps you could take pencil and paper and doodle up some quilts. That might satisfy your need to sew. One on of my Yahoo groups there is a member whose DD works for Pixar and her job is to draw the clothing and anything that is fabric. She actually has to draft the patterns and "sew" the garment together on the computer before she can put them on the characters. Perhaps you could think of doodling a quilt the same way.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I am so, so happy that everything went well with Joseph, can't wait to see him!
Sorry the arm is still troubling you, you would feel like chewing it off if you can't get going full bore on the sewing soon! lol Tracey

swooze said...

I am glad you are getting things back together again! I know it is hard.

Nadine said...

Hello Patti !
I can imagine how a talented, productive quilter like you must be feeling !
Courage, my friend, you'll soon get back to sewing, I'm sure. One day at a time, and you'll be on a roll again. And THEN.... let us prepare ourselves to see all the gorgeous projects you have drawn in your head !

Hugs & smiles to you !

patti in florida said...

hi patti, thanks for putting up your tutorials. we do our crumb blocks pretty much the same way. i make mine in all different sizes and donate them to different people in my charity group. i make mine finish 6". hope your shoulder heals soon. i had a frozen one and had to be so careful or it got worse. thanks again. patti

Finn said...

So happy that things are nearly back to normal on the sidebar! What a scary thing to have happen..gave me goosebumps!
And congratultions on the 'one step closer' to having Joseph home with his family *VBS* Exciting news!
Love the strings! Hugs, Finn