Monday, May 14, 2007

Another charity top quilted

I'm very happy to report that I finished quilting another charity top tonight. This one was made by another guild member too. I love 30's fabrics so I volunteered to quilt this one and another one just like it. The pantograph I chose is called Angel Wings but I thought it looked like butterflies. I really like how it turned out. Someone asked about the piano key border so I took a close-up of the top corner. The border is on the top and bottom only, and ties in very nicely with the Chinese Coin piecing.

Completing this means I'm half done quilting the charity quilts for now. Besides the twin to this one I have my own string top to quilt. I'm saving that one for last as I'll have to bind it also. It will count as another UFO finish for both the guild challenge and the Stashbusters challenge. Finishing UFO's is a very good thing!

I'm still way behind on my blog reading due to having so many quilts to quilt this month. I don't want to rush through it and miss important things, and I think it's important to comment at least once on most all of the blogs I read. If you've not seen a comment from me that probably means that I still need to get to yours. First I started at the beginning of the alphabet, then at the end, then in the middle. The next time I get a chance to read I think I'll be starting in the middle again - maybe about the L's. Hopefully by the end of next weekend I can get caught up with everyone.

1. A beautifully weeded, trimmed and edged front yard.
2. All the different spring greens in the flower beds
3. The ease of crock pot cooking
4. Breezes through the moon roof on the CRV
5. Working from home stretched out on the couch using the laptop



Carol said...

Wonderful are on a roll now :)

Suzanne Earley said...

What a great, cheerful quilt! Finishing things is fun, isn't it?

swooze said...

Great quilt. Love the quilting pattern you chose. I am glad to see the piano border. I had a different idea about what they looked like. Thanks!

Nicole said...

Isn't that a pretty quilt and a great use of 30's fabrics! I also really liked your gratitude list.

KCQuilter said...

Love it! I just got a quilt back from my longarmer and will post it on my blog soon as I finish the binding. She used a new (well, new to me) panto called Wendy and I absolutely love it!!!

Libby said...

Checking off UFO's is such a good thing *s* Love the cheerfulness of the quilt.

Suze said...

You are really getting things done. Way to go.