Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday meme - May 7th

I've been tagged by Beemoosie to investigate the date of my birth. Since the anniversary of that day is coming up soon I thought it was an appropriate time to play.

Three events:

1. 1429 - Joan of Arc ends the Siege of Orléans
2. 1824 - World premiere of Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Vienna, Austria.
3. 1952 - The concept for the integrated circuit, the basis for all modern computers, is first published by Geoffrey W.A. Dummer.

Three births:

1. 1812 - Robert Browning, English poet
2. 1833 - Johannes Brahms, German composer
3. 1840 - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer

A death:

2002 - Seattle Slew, American Race-Horse - Triple Crown Winner (I was born in Seattle so this seemed appropriate)

Holidays and Observances - I'm not at all crazy about any of the three choices so we'll just forget this one!

Play along if doing so strikes your fancy!


MeganZ said...

Hi Patti!

Just stopping by to thank you for your comment on my blog -- I love Quilting is My Passion and check in nearly every day to see what's new! You do beautiful work and I'm inspired every time I'm here. :)

I love your ginger cat block...

Thanks for visiting me!

swooze said...

Fun! I am a May baby too!

Beemoosie said...

Thanks for playing along! I love those quilt blocks in the previous cute!