Monday, March 12, 2007

Oldest UFO's

Suzette suggested we post about our oldest UFO's this week. Great minds think alike Suzette - that's just what I've been blogging about LOL! I didn't identify most of them as such, however, so I'll do that now.
Turns out my oldest UFO is my Baltimore Album Quilt, which I started in 1989. I talked about it and posted pictures in this post.

I thought my oldest UFO was Grandmothers Choice, or Fancy Nine Patch. I thought I'd started it in 1988 - that's what it says on my UFO spreadsheet. Now that I've unearthed the pattern I see it was published in Quilters Newsletter in April, 1990. So it now becomes my second oldest UFO, started one year after the Album Quilt.

My third oldest UFO is the Rabbit Garden round robin. I posted pictures of it in my post from last Wednesday. It was started in 1991. Tonight I loaded it on the longarm and started the quilting. I'm trying some things I've not done before so it's not my best quilting, but done is much better than perfect. I hope to have it finished by the end of next weekend so I can put it on the dining table for an Easter decoration. But first I have some ripping to do - I tried doing a wreath with contrasting thread and I'm nowhere good enough yet to do that.

The fourth oldest UFO is the set of spring friendship blocks that I showed you last Thursday. I received them in 1992.

The fifth oldest UFO is one that I'm hand quilting. I've been hand quilting it for years. Maybe this is the year I'll get it finished. I think I'm all done with the blocks and have only the sashing and border to do. I really need to get it out and work on it. Because it's the only one I've not already shown you I've posted pictures of this one. The pattern was in an old Quiltmaker magazine, and I no longer have either the date of the magazine or the designer of the quilt. I made this for a class sample when I was teaching quilting at Daisy Kingdom in the early 90's. The start date for this quilt is 1992. When I hand quilt I always quilt the quilt to death - this quilt is no exception. Unfortunately the quilting in the blocks doesn't show up all that well.
About time I got these oldies but goodies finished, don't you think?
1. Flowering trees bursting into bloom everywhere.
2. Tacos for dinner
3. Firm date set for my retirement - Friday June 27, 2008
4. New pictures of Sophie and her daddy
5. Six deck card shuffler won on Ebay for playing Hand and Foot


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are very dedicated and I am bowing to your endurance and motivation right now. I am also laughing about what I was doing in those years, my heyday, the uni years,...and not a piece of fabric would have been looked at! Oh how the nesting hits, quite amazing really. Cheers, Tracey

Jane Weston said...

Just had to tell you that when I looked at your counter it said 74999, so I hit the refresh button so I could be visitor 75000! Sorry I cheated! :o) All your UFO's are beautiful..I especially like the baltimore. My oldest UFO is a Piecemaker's Calendar quilt from 1999 that is all applique and the onlt reason it's not finished is that I having the foggiest where I'll put it when it's done. It's too heavy to sleep under and there's little chance the hubby would let me hang something that size on the wall LOL.

Vicki W said...

When I saw the Rabbit Garden blocks the other day I thought they were really cute! Glad to hear it's being quilted. You are right "Done is always better than perfect"!

Carol said...

A firm retirement day Patti...that is wonderful...a light at the end of the tunnel!
Love your quilt!

Gail said...

I'm sure you will finish these before too much longer. I'm not sure that I can dig deep enough into the pile to even find my old ones! LOL

Helen in the UK said...

Love the Grandmothers Choice top. Congrats on setting your retirement date :)

Libby said...

Hope you meet your goal with Rabbit Garden. I have a little top I want to make for Easter . . . have wanted it for a couple of years now. Maybe next year.
Congrats on the retirement date - that's something to look forward to.

McIrish Annie said...

WOW. June of 2008!! I am envious! The time will go by quickly I hope and then you can spend more time doing what you love and spending more time with those you love!


Greenmare said...

I love your gratitudes!!!!!!!
good job on getting the card shuffler for playing hand and foot!
My youngest and I just wiped the floor against my husband and our 3rd daughter! fun game.
impressive list of UFO's, I'm sort of afraid to list mine!

Dawn said...

I have to dig out my oldest UFO - and I love it so much but decided I had to rip out some machine quilting and redo it.... so it sits!!!! I'll try and dig it out and take a pic this week!

Judy said...

The blocks are so versatile. I made them calling them Union squares, but making the dk. blue square a different color. I've seen them about 5 different ways and each looks fabulous!! Love the hand quilting!

Congrats on the June 2008 date!

Linda_J said...

I suppose it is too early to start marking days off the calendar but hurray for the end date. I know you have been considering this date for some time.

Lovely quilts, Patti! I am not sure which of my myraid UFOs is the oldest--maybe some blocks I won in the block raffle and added a few more to. I have not seen that one for years---oh oh, that will drive me crazy till I find them.

Meredith said...

retirement date way to go. I have like 30 more years lol. I really enjoy reading your blog and all of your photos.

Sweet P said...

Great job on getting some of your oldest UFOs done.

Cynthia said...

wow! And i thought my Food jar placemats had been sitting around for quite awhile but i see your UFOs are older than mine.

Good for you trying some new quilting ideas on your quilt. I'm sure it's going to look great.

Mrs. Moody said...

Oh how I wish I had someone to play hand and foot with. I haven't played in ages and actually my grandmother taught me how when I was about 10. She passed away about 5 years ago so it's been awhile since I have played. That definitely brings back some memories.