Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday morning

Hmmm . . . I must have another post with this same title, because when I was almost done typing it popped up in the way things do saying "is this what you are wanting to say?" I guess my creative mind is still asleep this morning.

I'm so far behind with blog reading - I apologize to everyone. I've no excuse other than the fact that lately I've just felt driven to be in the sewing room working on UFT's, so I didn't want to waste that urge. I'm going to try to catch up this weekend. Many of you have written several posts that I've not read yet. I decided if I always started with the top of my bloglines list then I'd never catch up to those in the last part of the alphabet, so lately I've been starting on the bottom of the list. Worked all the way up to the "L's" last night, so started at the top of the list again.

Cynthia has been making some marvelous things with orphan blocks lately, including bags. May Britt has shown us a bag she's made with orphan blocks. Orphan blocks are so much fun to play with. Makes me want to make a bunch of blocks, some I've never made before, so I have blocks to play with also. Oh dear - we'd all make much better progress with our UFO's if we could turn off our brain and prevent it from coming up with new ideas while we are working!

When I first started working on UFO's I had many small sets of blocks left over from teaching. I decided I didn't want to make more of any of them so I'd have enough for a quilt top. Some I packaged up and sold at the guild bazaar during the quilt show. Some were combined to make a red, white and blue quilt I use in the summer on the couch. When I had only a few left I decided to try some bags. These were very simple, flat bags with a draw cord at the top. Very easy and quick to make and great little gifts. I had a lot of fun with them, and used up every single spare block I had. It was a great way to deal with UFO's, because I crossed a bunch of them off my list very quickly making these.

Gratitudes for today:

1. Two finished quilt tops this week
2. The fun I'm having working on an old project I've not touched in several years
3. Chocolate pumpkin cake for breakfast (you are a BAD girl Patti!)
4. Our sweet gum lost only three giant limbs in the windstorm
5. The rains have passed for now and it's a beautiful day



Cynthia said...

your drawstring bags look great. It certainly is a quicker way to use up some orphan blocks rather than make a quilt.

Sweet P said...

Your bags are cute and such a great way to use up orphan blocks.

I do the same thing with my bloglines that you do. Sometimes I start in the middle, sometimes at the bottom, sometimes I just jump around.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I really love those bags! I like how the draw string isn't at the very top! I have got to get some stuff done!

Anonymous said...

Just love your bags! What a great way to use your blocks.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Your bags are lovely. Turning off the brain is definately a problem, isn't it? Sometimes my brain is so full that I can't do anything at all.

Fiona said...

Very pretty bags, I like the way that using the orphan blocks means you can make them in lots of different colours.

Anonymous said...

I love your drawsting bags! Very creative use of your leftover blocks!! bravo!!

May Britt said...

This is a great way to reduce the ufo pile. Love the bags you have made. I am sure I will find more blocks in my boxes if I look.

Mary said...

I just found a bunch of blocks and wondered what to use them for - maybe some could be used for bags.