Thursday, November 9, 2006

More fun quilty questions . . . and answers

Shelina is tossing more of these fun MEME questions our way - thanks Shelina!

106 thrown away a quilt
107 made a quilt using 30s fabric - it's still a top, but is all ready to quilt
108 made a quilt using reproduction fabric - it's still a top, but is all ready to quilt
109 given an unfinished quilt to someone as a gift - my son-in-law's sister received her baby quilt at her shower - in block form. By the time the baby was born it was finished.
110 finished a quilt more than two years after the due date - anniversary, birth day, etc.
111 purchased all fabric in a particular fabric line - first I blame the Moda fat quarter bundles, then the Moda tin boxes with charm squares and a pattern on a disk, then their bundled charm square sets. I can hardly wait to buy Moda's new Jelly Rolls - 2 1/2" strips of every fabric in a line. What a great way to satisfy the need to own without breaking the bank! :-)

112 gotten an autograph from a quilter - including my prized copy of Spoken Without A Word, Elly Sienkievicz's first Baltimore quilt book, which now goes on Ebay for over $350. I've been lucky enough to take several classes with Elly - our guild is large enough that it brings in several nationally known teachers every year
113 sold a quilt on ebay
114 purchased an antique quilt - I only wish I could afford to
115 purchased a quilt on eBay
116 joined a UFO challenge group - on the Stashbuster Yahoo Group list
117 won a door prize at a quilt show - I think it was a t-shirt
118 had one of your quilts auctioned - I've donated finished quilts to the Northwest Medical Teams auction for the last four years
119 gone to a quilt shop and not purchased a single thing - last summer when my family gave me 10 minutes tops to look in a shop while we were on vacation. I made up for it when I was there on retreat last month

Questions and answers:

120 how old is your oldest UFO - according to my UFO chart I have a set of friendship blocks to set together that I received in 1988 - so that's 18 years.
121 how long did you let your oldest UFO sit before you completed it - in 2005 I quilted a top I finished in 1992 - that looks like the longest time span, at least since I started keeping track
122 what is your biggest fabric purchase - over $700 at the end of a 4-day retreat in the basement of my favorite fabric shop - Momma Made It in Longview WA
123 what is the farthest distance you traveled to go to a quilt store/ retreat/ convention? I went from Vancouver Washington to Houston Texas for the Quilt Festival in 1992 - I've no idea how far that is other than saying it was a 6 hour plane trip with a stopover in Dallas
124 how much total time did you spend on quilting activities in the last 12 months? Way too much to count - every minute I possibly could.
125 what does the quilting world need that it doesn't have? A self sharpening rotary cutter blade that never dulls.
126 what is your favorite part about quilting? Playing with all the wonderful fabrics.
127 what is your least liked part about quilting? Basting for hand quilting.
128 if the quilting fairies come to visit your house, what would you want them to do for you? Turn all my UFT's into finished tops.

129 what is the longest time you have worked on quilting activities in one stretch? Dawn to dark on a single day - 5 days in a row at a retreat without sleeping all that much.
130 have you ever made a quilt in one day? How big was it? A miniature about 6" x 9" - the flying geese miniature shown
here .
131 In terms of the stereotypical quilter, how are you the same? I have a big stash.
132 In terms of the stereotypical quilter, how are you different? I prefer much more intricate piecing and my quilts are much scrappier than most quilters of today.
133 If you had more time, what quilting thing would you do that you aren't doing already? Finish all my UFO's, PIGS, and HSY's.
134 If you won the lottery, and had to spend it all one quilting thing, what would you get? A new studio.
135 If you lost the lottery, and had to give up everything but one thing, what would you keep? My family - they are more important than any thing.


Judy said...

really fun answers Patti.. Have a great holiday day off!!

Shelina said...

You are the first person that I have seen that has completed this, and Judy is right, these are really fun answers. I think the free form questions really let you get to know a person much more than yes or no answers. What is an HSY?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Yup, those answers sound like you!

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm enjoying reading yours and seeing all the great quilt pictures. I'll be checking back to see what you do with the 2" blocks, that will be an awesome quilt!

YankeeQuilter said...

Can I just copy the questions with the answers?! Sounds so familiar! Glad to hear you are safe after all the bad weather in the northwest.