Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tiny geese

Evelyn asked me to take a picture of the miniature Flying Geese quilt with my thimble so you could compare the size of the thimble to the size of a goose. I decided to throw in the pencil to just for fun. The larger "goose" triangle is a 1 1/2" square cut diagonally in both directions. The two smaller triangles in each "goose" are made from a 1" square cut once diagonally. The finished "goose" measures 1/2" x 1". This was the first time I'd ever tried paper piecing and it was so easy because all the triangles were cut exactly the right size needed. None of that guessing that you've cut the fabric big enough - that's the problem I usually have with paper piecing. This one was so much fun to make! I did all four rows of geese in the morning class at guild, then came home in the afternoon and sewed the top together. I had it quilted and finished by bedtime. I don't bind these little ones - instead I turn the back to the front, fold under the edge and hand stitch it down. The only quilting on this one is in the ditch on the vertical rows. It was too think to hand quilt anywhere else in the body of the quilt and the borders were too narrow. I posted the picture I took today and the old picture so you can see how much this has faded. It is made from 80's calicos which have very poor fade resistance. The label on the back says I made this is 1992.

When I was reading and answering comments about the miniatures I realized that a post on how I get such precision by using a seam allowance trick might be appropriate. The key to these little guys isn't talent at all - it's the ability to sew a perfect 1/4" seam. I can show you very easy way to do that. It's the way I taught ever student I ever had, and is basically foolproof. Once you can do that you can piece anything, no matter how difficult. I just need to take a few pictures to illustrate the post. I'll try to get that done in the next 2-3 days if you readers are interested.

Bedtime now - 5:00 a.m. comes very early. Suddenly it seems so dark in the morning when I get up, and I'm using my headlights when I leave home at 6:30. A sure sign fall is here - that and the cool evenings and golden leaves I noticed on some of the trees on my way to work this morning. I love fall!


1. Fall weather
2. Fall colors
3. Fall breakfasts of oatmeal with cream, raisins and brown sugar
4. Fall colored prints and plaids in my stash
5. Fall decorations

Did I happen to tell you fall is my favorite season?



Hedgehog said...

Looking forward to the tutorial.

sewprimitive karen said...

The 1/4" seam method sounds interesting. Your miniature quilts are treasures!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Very fun to see the little quilt with the thimble too - Thank You!!!

Yesterday I was sewing along and noticed that my pressure foot was wiggling - the screw had come loose so no perfect 1/4" for me yesterday - but since I was working on Wonky Hearts it didn't really matter! Can't wait to see your perfect seam allowance method!

And yes, I've noticed it is dark at 5 am - you still can see all the stars!



Carol said...

Yes it is very dark at 5...I'm having to wait till closer to 7 to take the boys for their morning walk. I don't like to take the 2 of them in the dark.
Looking forward to your 1/4" seam allowance lesson. You do such a wonderful job!

Gail said...

I'm looking forward to another of your excellent tutorials- you may singlehandedly make a better quilter out of me!

MARCIE said...

Your miniatures are beautiful. I think my fingers would be all thumbs working on stuff that tiny. I love them though!

Ruth said...

Wow! I can't conceive of making something so small. It's fantastic!

quiltpixie said...

I'd love to hear you're way of getting a 1/4 seam. I think we all develop our own ways, but it never hurts to see if someone else's idea works more easily... I was surprised that you use 1/4 on the minatures though. I'd always understood that for mini's a 1/8 inch made them quiltable and was standard...

Patty said...

Wow Patti, that is so tiny ! Its gorgeous work. You should pat yourself on the back for a tiny quilt well done.
I have never seen paper piecing. So much to learn.
I take my first quilting class next month, heirloom quilting and am really looking forward to it.

Libby said...

Wow -- the perspective you get with an ordinary object is really something. Thanks for showing us. I am looking forward to learning your 1/4" secrets. Any tip that helps with accuracy is one to save and put to good use.

Judy said...

Good Gracious that's small and so many tiny little pieces! Simply amazing!

My hubby has noticed how the light is changing these last few days and weeks. We finally broke the 80 degree mark for a few days!

Cher said...

thanks for sharing more on this tiny quilt-it's one of my favorites. Won't see you tonight-but we will make a date in October for more cutting!

Jeanne said...

Yes, I think it's not so much patience that I lack for doing miniatures, it's PRECISION.

Autumn is my favorite, too. Still dark now when I go out for my first walk.


Shirley said...

Thank you for sharing. you lighten & enlighten my day with your quilting. I'm looking forward to more lessons.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your miniature flying geese are wonderful! I lvoe them!