Sunday, June 18, 2006

Independence Day decorations

I get distracted so very easily it sometimes drives me nuts! Does this happen to any of the rest of you? Here's the progression . . .

I posted my entry for today then headed to the sewing room.
I noticed the clothes I took off last night on the floor in the corner of the hall and remembered I need to do laundry today in order to have clothes to wear to work tomorrow.
I headed to the garage and started the first load of clothes.
On my way back to the sewing room I noticed all the red, white and blue decorations that I put up on Thursday. I realized I needed to take pictures to post.
Came back to the computer room and got the camera.
Went back to the living room and took pictures.
Came back to the computer to upload the pictures.
Realized I'd left my mug of morning tea somewhere.
Spent 5 minutes looking for my morning tea. It was on the counter in the bathroom. Notice I'd not gone into the bathroom. Obviously I reached out and put it on the counter somewhere in the process, and the fact I'd done that registered NOWHERE in my brain.
Came back to the computer room and started writing this post.

Notice . . . . it's now been half an hour since I told you I was heading to the sewing room to work on BOM's, and I've not yet stepped foot in that room! No wonder I don't get as much done as I'd like to!

Anyway, since I'm back here chatting again I'll post the pictures I just took. The room is red, white and blue, so these decorations tie in better than those from any other season or holiday. And now I'm really going to go into the sewing room to work. After I make myself another mug of tea and have some breakfast. My stomach is growling and I realize I've not yet fed it.

I can hear you all laughing now. Does this sound like any of the rest of you?


YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like we are living in parallel universes! I wonder around with half done projects all the time!

Love the Red white and blue decorations! So summery!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great decorations!

And, I wouldn't get ANYTHING done if it weren't for my daily lists! I have a little notebook and I write everything down the night before the next day - including a shower - which sometimes does not get crossed off if Little Boy wakes up early - but it does feel sooo good to cross things off my list, no matter how small or silly they may be! And watering the flowers - that takes 3 hours if Little Boy is awake and "helps"! Honestly, I would forget 1/2 of everything if it weren't on the list - so you aren't alone in your forgetfulness!



Linda_J said...

some days that MIGHT just sound like me. Other days, I can stay on task and keep rolling. I think sometimes we have to cram too many things into a short amount of time and then it is easy to be distracted.

Hope the rest of the day straightened out for you, Patti.

The quilts look wonderful and good for the summer holidays season.

KCQuilter said...

Easily distracted??? Welcome to MY world! Love your patriotic decorating!

Silverthimble said...

Excellent decorations! Very patriotic! Enjoy July 4th!

Passionate Quilter said...

no, I think you were really spying on ME and recording what I do!! LOL I try to stay on task and do a lot of the time, but then are those days that I just wander off. Drives my husband crazy! He is the most organized, task oriented guy I know who works fast! I told him, I am what I am and that's what you get! He just shakes his head. He's given up on helping me stay on track unless I ask for help.

By the way, I have that SAME Uncle Sam--hmm, let's see, about 10 years ago with Debbie Mumm fabric and book? :) Reminds me to get mine out.

Cher said...

wonderful decorations! and some days are like that for me as well-hope you made the progress on the BOMS you wanted!

Laurie said...

GOOD GRIEF...ya wore me out just READING this post!!! Great decorations!

Finn said...

Hi Patti, your R,W, and B things look wonderful! And you have soooo!! I really better get busy in that department...LOL I have patterns, but apparently not a "round tuit"...*VBG*
And, oh yes, by the way, I think you just described a normal day for me. Amazing how distracted we can get. Glad you found the tea!

sewprimitive karen said...

Hmm, certainly sounds familiar. Back and forth, back and forth, all over the house. Evelyn, I make lists every day, too. Can't keep it in my head without something in writing! Karen

quiltpixie said...

while it may take a while to get to what you planned, think of all the things you get done! It sounds like a mighty impressive list and would exhaust me if I'd planned for all of them :0)

anne bebbington said...

I love your stars and stripes wall quilt with the heart on the white star - I just so know exactly what you mean - I guess we're all just so busy that our brains get fried trying to remember it all - for some while now I've got upset about forgetting things especially those that are important to the kids like the occasional birthday party - now I've just resorted to lists - they do help but you still have to remember to a) look at them and b) write things on them in the first place :o)

Mary said...

Wow, already decorated for the 4th - I can't even think about July yet!

Laurie Ann said...

Yes, I am a master at working on 50 things at once and finishing NONE! You aren't alone! :)

Bonnie said...

Your red, white & blue decorations/quilts are delightful.
The description of your distracted morning made me laugh. I can spend half a day or more doing that routine.

Pam said...

Patti, have you been following me around? On Sunday I was trying to decide if I was really a scatter brain or if I was just avoiding getting something done!

Linda C. said...

My computer is in my sewing studio, so I don't have to change rooms. When I dream up something new in EQ, I can just go to the other side of the room to start executing it. But, there's still stuff everywhere in my house. My DH was just complaining about the state of my "nest" in the living room. Sewing box, quilt designs, knitting needles all are in mad disarray in my corner. Frankly, I'd be suspicious of someone who didn't operate in this scattered manner!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh - that is so me lately! I love all your patriotic quilts! I especially want to see the one the bears are sitting on - it is really cute from what I can tell! Show us!!!!