Monday, June 12, 2006

I see blogger isn't feeling well.

I've accepted the fact that sometimes blogger eats photos instead of posting them - I feel like we should at least hear a "burp" of thanks for the meals when he says he's "done".

Now he's decided he won't let anyone comment. I presume it's not just my comments he doesn't like as Jeanne mentioned something about it on Spiral. I tried to post a comment on at least a half dozen blogs this morning before I finally gave up trying - I'm tired of getting error messages.

I'm enjoying catching up with everyone this morning even though I can't "drop in and say hi".



1. A surprise "good news" visit from our son and daughter-in-law.
2. Rain this morning!
3. A Mariners sweep of the Anaheim Angels.
4. A quilty weekend
5. A venti decaf Americano with lots of nonfat milk and a low fat Marionberry muffin for breakfast.



Darlene said...

I'll leave a comment for you! :-) I've been dropping by and reading your blog. Your work is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it!

Linda_J said...

Patti, I think they were down for another repair this morning--at least from the status button on the dashboard, it was today.

Pics seemed to be more problematic for me lately but the comment thing not working is not good since that's part of the way we communicate here!

All the pictures it "eats", that burp should cause an earthquake at this rate.

Jeanne said...

Howdee, Patti! Blogger seems to be feeling a bit better this evening.
Smiling about the Angels/Mariners gratitude!!
Jeanne :)

Shelina said...

I haven't had any problems posting comments, but I have had a lot of problems getting my pictures to load. It sometimes looks like it is done, I click done, and the picture is not there, other times it can't find the website so I can't even click the done button. I even tried the pics one at a time, didn't work earlier today, but did work just now. It does get frustrating, doesn't it though?

Darlene said...

Patti, Thank you for visiting my blog and for the compliments on my cabinet full of quilts. I'll have to consider taking pictures to show. I hope that you'll visit my blog again and leave a comment when you do!

Finn said...

Seems like we all have been in that "dark moment" with Blogger lately. I actually got a Blogger "message of error" yesterday...a first for me..LOL

Makes us realize how nice it is when everything is working, doesn't it???

JudyL said...

I get pretty frustrated with blogger too and about the time I think I'm going to switch to something else, it works perfectly. It's surely not just your blog . . I believe it hates us all equally.

Judy L.