Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I've been up to

I took a couple days at the end of last week to prewash some fabric, iron it, and put it away. I didn't do it all, but I needed to do what I wanted to use. I went on a buying spree in February to stock up on light colored plaids. I needed larger pieces than I had for background blocks for a few different applique projects. Joseph went along as it was a Joseph day, and he was very happy to help pick my fabrics. First he chose a couple fat quarters, which I put back after explaining that I needed bigger pieces. I pulled a few bolts and took them to the counter - whereupon he pulled a bolt or two also. It was so much fun watching him ooh and aah over the pretty fabrics LOL!

Yesterday I pulled a bunch more fabrics to use in our North Star Quilters BOM. As I made my first block last month I realized I needed a bunch more mediums and darks in order to make the best fabric choices for the blocks. Once I was satisfied with my selection I made another February block and two of the March blocks. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Today I was back to prepping applique - this time the center of Jo Morton's Little Women's medallion quilt. I'm determined to have the first three parts finished by the time we have the next club meeting next month. Tomorrow I should finish the center block and will post a picture. I'm using a new applique method that I learned in the first meeting - I like it! I'll try to get a tutorial up about that also.


Kathie said...

can't wait to see your JO project
no sewing done here all week
not feeling that well and L is home from college for the week.
glad your moving in the right directions..
yeah Joseph enjoys the quilt shop visits and bolts of fabric your teaching him well!!!!

Crispy said...

Boy that must have been some shopping trip if you haven't even gotten it all washed and ironed....I'm jealous LOL.

I'm looking forward to you posting your Jo quilt and am interested in the "new" applique method you learned.


janet said...

Isn't is nice to do some blocks? You've got me curious about the applique method, especially when you say you really like it. I'm looking forward to seeing the center for your medalion too.