Monday, February 9, 2009

Loser Monday

Somehow I missed last week entirely. At least I've got the right day this week. I worked so hard the last two weeks, and though I did lose I didn't lose nearly what I hoped to lose. I seem to be stuck at .6 of a pound down each week. I guess that's better than none. When I weigh in this week I hope to have lost a total of nine pounds since I lost the 20 and reached my WW 10%. If I manage to do that then I will have lost an additional 5%, which is my next goal.

As far as weight loss hints go - I have a couple. First of all - be sure to journal what you eat and write down EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth. Doing this may make you think twice about eating something. Studies show that people who do this lose more weight more quickly and keep it off better than people who don't. My second hint is to start planning meals. When I plan five or 6 days at a time I'm more likely to cook, I enjoy the cooking more, and we are much less likely to head out for hamburgers because I don't want to cook.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their weight loss journey!


Jenessa said...

well i'm sure WW has taught you that the weight loss slows down - but it's good that you're still losing!

GARI said...

I WW, too, and your hints are spot on. I think the problem for most people is that they don't get the idea that it has to be a food lifestyle change, not a diet. Both my daughter and I just reached goal but that doesn't mean that WW is over. It just means that we have reached one goal: now the next one is to keep it off. Same process using your same hints. Keep at it, you are not alone.

Regi said...

Congratz on the weight loss. Slow but steady will always win the race... keep on keeping on. You are doing awesome. Great tips by the way.


sewprimitive karen said...

You're doing beautifully, I'm having trouble getting even that much off, but I still feel better already. It's a good way to eat.