Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'll be back soon

We are heading up to Mt. Rainier this morning for a few days of camping. Can hardly wait - we didn't get to go up there last year because Shadow was too old and feeble to leave. The weather is supposed to be a bit iffy, but this morning it is beautiful. We plan to get in some hiking as well as relaxing. I'm taking Emma's Quilt, and hope to have the quilting almost finished by the time I return. I'm counting on it being my fourth finish by the end of the month.

1. Soft blue sky will a few thin white clouds
2. Fresh Royal Ann cherries
3. A cosy little home on wheels
4. New books to read


Anina said...

Have fun! Good luck with the weather. We're planning a trip in August.

Linda (Petey) said...

Enjoy yourselves! We are cleaning our 5th wheel to use for the first time this summer (sad). Where does time go?

anne bebbington said...

What a fabulous photo with all those lupins growing wild in the foreground - I've only ever seen them in a cottage garden environment where they look very pretty - en masse they look simply stunning and what a backdrop!

Karol-Ann said...

Have a fabulous time - sounds wonderful!!

Winona said...

Have a wonderful time! That is a beautiful picture!

Zannah said...

What an amazing place to be going to! It almost looks unreal!

Libby said...

Looks like a great spot to get away too - enjoy.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos from your trip. We had snow well into April this year too but none of it is left!