Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Here in the Pacific Northwest we are NOT used to heat. Our summers are usually in the low to mid 80's, which is how most of us like it. And though it's not a dry heat like the desert east of our mountains, the humidity is usually pretty low. Yesterday was unseasonable warm - 95 degrees with a fairly high humidity. Not fun! It was hard to sleep, hard to relax, hard to do much of anything. We've never got around to get air conditioning - we have ceiling heat so there is no ductwork in the house. I think we're going to cave in, however, and get a couple portable air conditioners for upstairs. I thank God daily for a loving son-in-law who is very "handy", as none of the rest of us have a "handy" bone in our bodies. Today is supposed to be a bit cooler - I hope so, as I think the air conditioning at work has stopped also. We are such wimps when it comes to heat!

If blogger will cooperate I'll load more quilt show photos. Good! It worked! The first quilt is "Little Brown Bird" by Doris Steigelman. It won the best of show ribbon. It's from a book by that name by Margaret Dacherty. I have the book but will probably never make the quilt. Doris is in her 80's, but continues to turn out appliqué masterpieces one after the other.

Friendship Garden is for all you bright lovers out there. Garden of Weedin is a group row quilt - I just love the title.

The gold stars with the green background is very unusual coloring. I'm not at all sure I like it - but it speaks to me in a way Idon'tt' understand. Or maybe I should say it speaks to me but I can't tell what it's saying.

1. Cooler weather today!
2. A belated birthday card from a special friend
3. A garden full of blooming iris
4. Tank top with a built-in bra for hot weather
5. Love note from my daughter



Laurie Ann said...

Yes, it's too hot here also! It was 90 and humid and that's not unusual for the middle of the summer (minus the hummidity) but we haven't had a chance to acclimate yet!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Thanks again for the quilt show pics! It is so much fun to see them. Little brown bird is so beautiful - but I would never ever attempt to make one like that! I'd go nuts. Let's hear it for Doris!

I don't know if I should even tell you how I read one of your gratitudes - not paying close enogh attention to the words!

Linda_J said...

when the weather gets like that, Patti, you feel like a slug. Ask me how I know about that here in AL. We have a/c but my goofy husband does not allow it to be turned on until it hits 80 in the house and off it goes at bedtime. ACK!! The fact that he and I both have such different internal thermostats can be difficult.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Patti wants a laugh - so I"m going to share with you what I thought #4 Gratitudes said:
#4 Tank top with no bra for hot weather!
Not sure any of you would want to see me like that - but it would feel good! :)
Hope this gives you your laugh Patti!

Patti said...

Love it Dawn!

JudyL said...

I am always surprised to hear about areas where you can survive without air conditioning. As soon as you get air conditioners, it will stay cool enough that you won't need them! :)

The quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Judy L.

Shelina said...

that's so strange, that I am using the same template for my blog as you are. And my email addres sis passionforquilting! These are beautiful quilts, and I really enjoyed browsing your site. I agree with you about the making time to do the things you want to do. I switch back and forth too - I usually switch between quilting and genealogy. With reading thrown in there from time to time.

Mary said...

It sounds like you've been having our weather - it's been unseasonably cool here for a while. We're finally supposed to get back up in the low 80's this weekend. I know I'll miss the cool weather when it gets hot and steamy in HOTLANTA! The cooler weather is great for the long hikes.

Jeanne said...

Hope you're more comfortable there today! Ugh - humidity!

Laura said...

You can send some of that hear our way, we have had record cold temperatures. I love the friendship garden quilt and I am not even into brights. It looks so happy.

maranatha165 said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it nearly impossible to quilt when the weather gets to 20c and higher. I don't have a/c and my hands start to sweat, my thread gets wet (and dirty),and makes it difficult to pull the thread through. Overall, I have come to realize that if I'm going to quilt in the summer months, it has to be early morning. Try quilting that time of day with 3 young kids wanting breakfast, changed, entertained and all that other fun stuff!! I really appreciated the pictures. It's an inspiration to see what others have done and to know that maybe there's hope for me, too!